The Belgian Pediatric Clinical Research Network (BPCRN) prioritizes the optimization and facilitation of clinical trials.

Central to this approach is our deep understanding of pediatric trial activities throughout Belgium, enabling us to identify specific capacities, needs, and resources effectively. Leveraging our extensive experience across various trial environments, we can foresee challenges and adapt our interventions accordingly.

Collaboration is at the heart of our strategy

By establishing connections with site teams at diverse levels, we enhance capacity-building and training while fostering long-term partnerships. The BPCRN is founded by pediatricians, is managed by pediatricians and is to support pediatricians (to bring necessary treatments to their patients). Within the BPCRN team, multidisciplinary inclusion is seen. This holistic approach, amplified by our direct, peer-to-peer communication with sites, ensures that BPCRN delivers excellence in pediatric clinical trials.

To prepare for the future, BPCRN is particularly investing in the following topics:

  • (Ultra)-Rare Disease Trials
  • Medical Devices
  • Decentralised Trials
  • Platform Trials
  • Personalised Therapies