Research and collaboration

Through the years, BPCRN has established close collaborations with multiple research partners.

conect4children – c4c stichting

The BPCRN stands distinctively as one of the 21 national hubs, playing an integral role in the IMI2-financed consortium conect4children. This consortium, recognized for its pioneering efforts in pediatric research, is on the trajectory to transition into the c4c-Stichting in 2024. At the heart of BPCRN's commitment is its emphasis on meticulous trial site identification. By ensuring the optimal selection and facilitation of these sites, we lay a foundation for both investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored trials. Additionally, BPCRN is dedicated to fostering early-career platforms, most notably within the Young Investigator community within c4c. Moreover, BPCRN is immersed in data standardization initiatives and offers together with c4c-S consultations in various facets of pediatric clinical trials, including methodology, formulation, and patient engagement.


Enpr-EMA, or the European Network of Pediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency, is a critical body working towards the optimization of pediatric medicine research within Europe. The Belgian Pediatric Clinical Research Network (BPCRN) has been involved with various Enpr-EMA projects. Our network has been actively involved in the support of working groups, with a particular focus on establishing site standards to ensure the quality of clinical trial sites. Beyond just being participants, BPCRN has also taken on collaborative roles in several working groups and has consistently marked its presence in the associated conferences. Underpinning our dedication to the cause and emphasizing our commitment to the standards set by Enpr-EMA, BPCRN will be officially submitting its membership as a representative country.

I-ACT for Children

I-ACT for Children is a US based network that aims to improve clinical trial conduct for children. I-ACT connects clinical trial sponsors and stakeholders to pediatric experts, sites, and other resources. BPCRN supports I-ACT for Children for transatlantic outreach and provides European coordination of early country outreach and feasibility completion.


The Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) within Ghent University Hospital, SPD-CTU, is a flagship CTU within the network. With a primary emphasis on industry trials, this CTU is at the forefront of innovative clinical research. Their focus is not restricted to a narrow therapeutic area; instead, they have established collaborations with a vast majority of subdisciplines, ensuring a holistic approach to patient care and research.
This holistic approach is further bolstered by their close liaison with the c4c national hub, allowing for streamlined information flow and enhanced cooperation on various pediatric clinical trials. Another novel contribution of BPCRN’s and SPD-CTU collaborations is its pioneering initiative of founding the Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) community within Belgium. Through the CRC community, a platform has been created for professionals to share knowledge, collaborate on best practices, and drive excellence in the field of clinical research.


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